Nissan Navara


TJM canopies withstand rugged use and endure for the life of the vehicle.


Nissan D40 Dimensions

Measurements are taken from the widest points:

Nissan Navara D40 2006-2015 DIMN
Open Door Height (A) 945mm
Door Opening (B) 490mm
Overall Canopy Height (C) 590mm
Overall Canopy Width (D) 1650mm
Overall Canopy Length (E) 1610mm

Colour Matching

The smooth exterior finish can be seamlessly colour matched to your vehicle.

ADR Tested Roof Racks

Crown canopies are reinforced to support the heavy loads transported via roof racks. The pad reinforcing in each corner of the shell ensures solid support for your roof racks.

The Nissan Navara Crown canopy is ADR tested and approved to the loading requirements of Australian Standard AS 1235-2000 Road Vehicles click here for the full story...

Window Options

Adaptable window options include: sliding, flush mount scissor, lift-up or flush mount lift-up side windows. Read more here...

Nissan D40 (QM1) Product Codes

Double Cab Midline Canopies

Part Number Navara D40 QM1 06+ D/C 
1077NWDC10M Slab Side No Windows
1077FWDC10M Slab Side Fixed Windows
1077SWDC10M Slab Side Sliding Windows
1077LUDC10M Slab Side Lift Up Windows
1077LSDC10M Slab Side Left Lift up / Right Sliding Windows




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