All TJM Canopy fibreglass shells enjoy a limited lifetime warranty. Alongside this, all TJM Canopy parts and materials are warranted for 12 months from the date of original purchase.

The warranty covers the repair or replacement of any canopy components found to be defective by Fully Equipped or its appointed agents. The warranty does not cover any freight cost to return the canopy to the TJM agent's premises for inspection or repair. All TJM Canopy limited warranties apply only to the original owner.

The TJM Canopy warranty will not apply to the following conditions which are considered outside normal operating use:

  • Extreme off road use
  • Misuse/Abuse, negligence or accidental damage
  • Driving with windows or doors in the open position
  • Modification to the product or it's components
  • Superficial or impact related gel coat cracking
  • Paint scuffing to the vehicle caused by canopy fitment is not warrantable
  • Consequential damage
  • Lack of regular servicing/maintenance

TJM Canopy Maintenance:

  • Ensure mounting bolts always remain tight
  • Lubricate lock and key recess on the rear door and side windows
  • Wax polish is recommended for polishing surfaces of painted products not abrasive compounds
  • Clean door rubbers on canopy tailgate assembly and lightly coat with silicon spray
  • The tailgate protection tape must be replaced when required to minimise paint scuffing by the canopy

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